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Lipo accu's

Geplaatst: 09 jan 2017 09:16
door CorB
Lipo accu's

Lithium Polymer batteries have become very popular in many applications thanks to their

high capacity and comparative light weight, making them ideal for radio controlled

applications and many personal electronics where physical space is at a premium.

LiPo battery cells do have one relatively big drawback in that they can burst into flames if

they’re overcharged, causing property damage and injuries. However, if they’re charged

correctly and handled with relative care, LiPo batteries are safe and reliable sources of

power for their intended applications.

Of course, using a hydraulic press to flatten them to oblivion is NOT handling them with

care, but when has that stopped Experiment at Home, the YouTube channel that decided

to do just that! As you can see, the battery packs do not react well to the tons of force,

erupting into intense flames when the pressure is applied. Of course, they was the plan,

and it makes for some great footage.