The last battery you will ever need?

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The last battery you will ever need?

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The last battery you will ever need?

How will these batteries affect the RC world?

We all know the two most popular batteries in the RC world are NiMH and Lipo, but as technology improves rapidly, new batteries are being developed.

Which one of the following examples do you think would takeover the RC world in the future?

Aluminum Graphite charges to full in one minute


Scientists have already developed an aluminum graphite battery that could replenish to full in a smartphone in just 1 minute! The aluminum graphite batteries are flexible, long lasting and charge ridiculously fast but the only issue at the moment is that they hold only about half the power of a current lithium battery. Wouldn’t it be great if you could charge up your transmitter and rc within a minute and you are good to go again!

Flexible battery


New flexible strap battery have been developed where scientists managed to power a Samsung Gear 2 with it.

If you can form or shape batteries in any sizes or shape you want, you can customize your RC car even further, but would it be powerful enough to compete with batteries we have in the market now?

Air Charging


This technology uses ultrasound to transmit electricity. Power is turned into these sound waves to be transmitted and then converted back to power on reaching the device.

It will still take time in order to use this technology on objects that need to be charged over distance, but wouldn’t it be cool if you couldn’t charge the batteries in your rc car while you are racing down the track!

Solar charger


We have all heard about this, but could we put this on an RC body and charge the battery inside the car? This will cause the same problem as air charging where it may not give the RC car enough power! There are many other problems such as slow charging, effectiveness and not working in low-light areas.

Nanowire-based electrode


Last but not least, the nanowire-based electrode which can be recharged hundreds of thousands of times which means it would never require replacement. This breakthrough could lead to commercial batteries with greatly lengthened lifespans for computers, smartphones, appliances, cars and spacecraft.

If we can put together what these batteries can do, would it take over nitro rc completely?

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